Rugged Ridge Grille Screen & Accessories

Jeep owners are proud of their vehicles. They know that these Jeep models are built for tough off-road and long haul driving. They also know that the Jeep parts and accessories tend to last for a long period of time. Rugged Ridge, a brand that specializes in making accessories for Jeep, knows that Jeep owners value this. This is why they have a product called Rugged Ridge grille screen which contributes to the longevity of their customers' Jeep.

The Rugged Ridge Grille Screen is an accessory that works as a bug shield. It prevents tiny bugs and other particles from entering your vehicle and ruining the different parts of the engine bay. However, the grille screen cannot be sealed completely because air still needs to enter and exit the vehicle to regulate the temperature of the car's engine. This is why the design of the grille screen is similar to that of a mesh bag. The tiny holes prevent the tiny bugs and other particles from going into the radiator, and at the same time, it allows the air to flow inside.

a glossy layer which makes it both durable and attractive. It's also covered with a layer that does not easily get any cuts and marks. You can also get the grille screen in a black finish. You can choose a design which improves the look of your Jeep. In order to place this grille screen in front of your Jeep, you would need to do some drilling. The screws needed for drilling is included when you get the product and you need to follow a simple installation process. It just requires you to align the grille screen properly in front of the grille, mark it and then screw it in place.

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