Rugged Ridge Door Sill & Accessories

Door sills are located at the bottom of your Jeep's doors. You hardly notice them because of where they are located. Most car owners consider the door sill as a useless piece of vehicle accessory but it actually plays an important role in maintaining your Jeep's appearance. This is why Rugged Ridge, a brand known for developing accessories for Jeep models, manufactures products like the Rugged Ridge door sill. Unlike any ordinary accessory, the Rugged Ridge door sill has its uses and is not just a mere ornament for your Jeep.

The door sill is also called an "entry guard" which is an appropriate name for the first thing that you and the other passengers step on when you enter the Jeep. Without the door sill, you end up bringing the mud and dirt from your shoes inside your car which could ruin your Jeep's floor and carpet. This is why you need the door sill. It prevents the mud and dirt from getting inside the car.

Since the door sill accumulates a lot of dirt, it is also exposed to wear and tear. When you need a new door sill, the Rugged Ridge door sill is a good option for your Jeep. The Rugged Ridge door sill is sold in pairs and is made of different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or powder-coated black. It's really up to you to decide which door sill would look good on your Jeep. You can install them easily because they don't require any tools. You won't see them either when the doors are closed. It's a very useful accessory that doesn't ruin the overall appearance of your Jeep. In fact, it even further enhances the appearance of your Jeep.

If you are looking for a door sill, consider buying the Rugged Ridge door sill. These door sills are made out of good quality materials that can last for a long time. The Rugged Ridge Door Sill is available at It's your online store that offers you different car accessories, car body parts and aftermarket car parts. Just go to our website and allow us to accommodate your needs. Don't hesitate to come to us when you need our help.