Rugged Ridge Door Hinge Kit & Accessories

Omix-Ada Inc. is a company that's known for manufacturing and distributing auto parts and accessories for Jeep models. Established in 1992, Omix-Ada Inc. has over 8,000 Jeep auto parts and accessories in their inventory, thus giving their customers a wide variety of products to choose from. One of the brands of Omix-Ada Inc. is Rugged Ridge, and it makes accessories with practical use for Jeep models. One of the products from Rugged Ridge's product mix is the Rugged Ridge door hinge kit.

The Rugged Ridge door hinge kit is a set of hinges and screws specifically made for your Jeep's door. The kit comes with four hinges that are made of prime 304 stainless steel and are durable. Each one of them is buffed up so that they are shiny like a mirror. The hinges are also very easy to install. You don't need to drill anything when installing them. The screws that come with the kit are made specifically for your Jeep and can be easily inserted into the holes of your previous door hinges. There are also specific kits for full door Jeep models and kits for half door Jeep models.

Getting your own Rugged Ridge door hinge kit is like hitting two birds with one stone: you're buying something practical and at the same time, enhancing your car's appearance. The door hinges from this kit connects the door to your Jeep's body and holds the door in place. It ensures that the Jeep door is able to open at a certain angle and close properly. The style of the hinges also enhances the overall design of your Jeep. The Rugged Ridge door hinge kit has hinges and screws that are coated with different colors and you can match them with the Jeep model that you have.

Get your own Rugged Ridge door hinge kit here at Parts Train. Choose the specific one that you need and choose the one that you think would look good for your Jeep. At Rugged Ridge, style and function go together. The Rugged Ridge door hinge kit is available here at Parts Train.