Rugged Ridge Center Console & Accessories

In automobiles, the center console refers to the control-bearing surfaces in the center of the vehicle's front interior. The vehicle's center console begins from the dashboard going to the transmission tunnel which runs between the front driver's seat and the passenger's seats. Basically, vehicles with a gear stick have set this control where the two areas of console and tunnel unite. But in modern vehicles specifically in vans, the gear stick is located at the front to be within the driver's reach. With such set up, there's no need for a long stalk.

Just like other components making up your vehicle, the center console will eventually wear out so a quality replacement part is highly required. After all, a worn out center console can affect the interior styling of your vehicle. When it comes to your center console needs, there's nothing to worry about. There are a lot of center consoles that can be found in the market and they are often presented in different brands. With this, you have an array of options where you can find the best center console for your ride. If you are looking for a center console that is perfectly crafted, Rugged Ridge center console is the best pick. Produced from superior grade materials, you can always be sure that the Rugged Ridge center console you'll get from your ride is durable and highly-reliable.

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