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It smells as bad as it looks-black smoke. And it's never a good sign of things to come when it's coming out of your tailpipe, too. If you drive an old vehicle, there's a good chance those disgusting clouds of black smoke are coming from a broken carburetor. In this case, tinkering with the old carburetor with your regular garage tools isn't going to work. What you need is a complete, high-quality carburetor rebuild kit, which you can get from Royze, a well-trusted, longtime manufacturer of carburetor rebuild kits. Since a kit has all the components you need to set your carburetor straight, you'll be able to get rid of that black smoke in a jiffy.

Carburetors are present on older vehicles, so they're very likely to fail. Black smoke is usually caused by the carburetor's erratic operation that messes up the air-fuel mixture. Aside from the abnormal emissions, the incorrect air-fuel ratio could also result in engine miss, indicating that engine combustion is incomplete and that air flow may be restricted in the engine. Other symptoms of a busted carburetor include engine hesitation, hard starting, poor acceleration and irregular idling. Installing a Royze carburetor rebuild kit gets rid of all these symptoms instantly, provided the kit is installed properly with the help of the vehicle's manual or a mechanic.

Sure, there are other builders of carburetor kits out there but very few have the credibility and advanced specialization of Royze. The company has heavy-duty rebuild kits for carburetors such as Weber, Mikuni, Zenith, SU, Solex and Dellorto. Each kit has all the seals, gaskets and other pieces of hardware you need to rebuild your carburetor the right way. The company also has many loyal followers because its kits are proven to be extremely effective in correcting carburetor complications.

Here at Parts Train, we have gathered some of the finest carburetor rebuild kits from Royze. All these kits are available at very low prices, so you can save a lot on your garage project. Don't take carburetor issues lightly as they can severely affect your vehicle's drivability and even cause more damage in other vital components, even the engine itself. Choose Royce and you'll never go wrong.