Roush Wheel Lug & Accessories

Wheels are apparently important to all vehicles. These let your vehicle move from one point to another. Along with their important functions, wheels are also effective restyling components. Restyling your wheels significantly contributes to your vehicle's aesthetic enhancement. Some accessories that are used to enhance the wheels are the wheel hubs and the wheel covers. These accessories are kept in their proper places by using Roush Wheel lugs.

Roush Wheel lugs are those large bolts that are set through the wheel rim and secure it to the wheel hub. These are pressed into the hub from the inboard side to keep them from being pulled out when tightened. The Lug nuts thread onto the wheel lugs that clamp the wheel rim between the hub and lug nuts. The wheel lug nuts must be securely tightened, because if not, the wheels will be detached. However, over- tightening will also bring a problem. Over tightened wheel lug nuts can provide you a hard time in changing a flat tire.

Test fitting for clearance must always be done prior to mounting of the tires. This is done by following some procedures. First is by slightly loosening the lug nuts with an appropriate lug wrench. Next is jacking the vehicle up until the tire clears the floor. Consequently, support the vehicle with jack stands and make sure that the stands rest on a flat surface, if not, the vehicle would just run over your face and roll over your body. Carefully take away the lugs and check the condition of the lug studs or wheel bolts as you remove them. Once you feel any resistance or observe any roughness after removing the wheels, make sure that you correct it before reinstalling the wheels. Remove any temporary retaining devices that may interfere with the flush fitment of wheels against the brake hubs.

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