Roush Wheel Lock Set & Accessories

The wheels are said to be one of the most striking features in your vehicle. This is because the wheels create and unmake an impression of tough performance, luxury and comfort that a car can offer. Also, the wheels are among the most expensive parts that can be found in your vehicle so it is just right to protect them. And one of the surest ways to provide what your wheels deserve is through a wheel lock set. With a wheel lock set, you are can secure your wheels so that they will not be stolen.

Aside from securing your wheels, a wheel lock set also functions like a lug nut that's intended to control the movement of the steering wheel. Usually, a wheel lock includes a lower receiver for engaging the lower portion of the steering wheel's rim. The lateral receivers are pivotally installed to the lower receiver and work to obtain lateral portions of the rim. Meanwhile, a lock assembly extends between the lateral receivers and projects beyond one of the receivers to restrict rotation of the steering wheel.

If you want to outfit your wheel with a wheel lock set, Roush wheel lock set is the perfect choice. The Roush wheel lock set is produced with excellent quality and reliability. To remove or install a Roush wheel lock set, you are required to use a very special tool in order to take the wheels off. If there's one component that will benefit from a Roush wheel lock set, that's your spare tire so use this component when you feel the need for it. And if you want a more convenient means of purchasing a Roush wheel lock set, simply visit Parts Train. We offer different kinds of auto parts and accessories that are needed by most vehicles such as Roush wheel lock set.