Roush Subframe Connectors & Accessories

The basic components of your vehicle are the power plant, the power transmission, the running gear, and the control system. These make up the chassis, on which the body is mounted. At some point in the acceleration and cornering, the chassis has a tendency to flex or twist because of its unibody design. The Roush Subframe connectors help strengthen the body and accordingly reduce or eliminate flexing. The subframe connectors at the front and rear subframes can strengthen the weak portion of the chassis. Their tubular construction is intended to resist twisting much better than the flat portion of the under carriage.

Some subframe connectors have center section bolts into the existing connector. Such section is designed to brace the chassis even more. With this, the maximum chassis rigidity is attained without going to the extreme of a full roll cage. The front and rear subframes come as one piece, where a bolt-in center brace gives strength and rigidity while still setting access to the exhaust, driveline, and transmission. Some make a big deal out of the round and the square SFCs. There is probably no significant difference between the two since the skill of the installer is the one that provides bigger impact on the results.

Your SubFrame Connectors must always be in good condition for the stability of your chassis. This should effectively manage the flexing of the chassis. Hence, proper maintenance and check ups are imperative. In case you have poor Sub frame connectors in your chassis, take some immediate action about it to avoid further problems.

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