Roush Shifter Knob & Accessories

Precision driving is indeed a desirable factor considered by everyone. This requires a shifter that facilitates more comfortable changing of gears. Your high-performance engine is maximized through a smooth-driven gear. Your driving is hassle free if you let your vehicle be equipped with a Roush Shifter Knob right at the center of your vehicle. The gear shifter of the gear stick is the lever used to change gear in a vehicle with a manual transmission or a common form of automatic transmission. The gear knob or shifter knob is at the end of the gear shifter. This forms the handle that you grip on constantly as you drive your ride. Your Roush Shifter knob often includes a diagram of the shift pattern of the gear selection system. Such pattern guides you in your selecting of gear.

Changing gear is normally done by depressing the clutch pedal with the left foot to disengage the engine from the drivetrain and the wheels. A common manual transmission vehicle having five forward gears will have seven possible positions: the five forward gears, the reverse gear, and the central "neutral" position. There are vehicles with special button to prevent accidental engagement of reverse. The lever is sometimes lifted, pressed down, or moved with extra force for engaging reverse.

Your Roush Shifter Knob is an effective part of your interior that can help you in your interior customization. This can let you show off your own style by adopting the design that matches your taste. Roush offers different designs of knobs to suit particular styles. There are cylindrical and ball knobs manufactured from billet aluminum. Some come with rubber grips for easier holding.

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