Roush Car Bra & Accessories

If you hear anyone mention the car bra when you are in an auto shop, you shouldn't feel scandalized. They are not talking about women's underwear but the front-end mask--a piece of vinyl wrapped around the exposed front portion of your vehicle. It's funny to associate intimate apparel like a bra with an automobile. But these two items actually serve the same purpose of protection. The Roush car bra, when installed to your front-end, serves as a shield against road debris that can cause unsightly dings, dents, and scratches that can be the start of the deterioration of your car's finish.

As it wraps around your car's front end, it deflects airborne particles that can tarnish the vehicle's paint. Its high-grade vinyl is tough, durable, and capable of withstanding all kinds of weather conditions from extremely hot to extremely cold. Large chunks of debris may hit your vehicle, but its car bra makes sure that the impact does not cause damage. The car bra has a soft padding underneath its surface. This material is non-abrasive, so your vehicle's smoothly painted exterior is preserved. And even if it wraps around the front end, its material allows the circulation of air beneath the surface. It totally pampers your front-end and completes its net of protection against the wear and tear caused by everyday driving, thus its resale value is safeguarded.

Available in different designs, the Roush car bra is also a styling accessory. It creates a sleek and customized look for your car. Even more impressive, you can easily install it in a matter of minutes. Particular units are designed to precisely fit your vehicle like a second skin so that maximum protection is achieved. Inferior car bras sag and bunch on your car's surface; and actually, they may even cause scratches which you want to avoid in the first place.

The Roush car bra is made from the finest quality materials. It is an investment that takes care of another more precious investment. The beauty of the car bra protects while, at the same time, enhancing the looks of your vehicle. At Parts Train, we carry only the top brands in the country to ensure that you get only the best car bras. Visit our online store, enjoy a safe and secure online transaction, or call our toll free number to place your order.