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That squealing sound rising to a crescendo is the swan song of your serpentine or multirib belt. It's also the clearest (or loudest) signal that you're car's about to stop in the middle of the road. If the belt snaps, the rhythm of your entire internal combustion system will get derailed and a whole lot of other parts, such as the alternator, A/C, and power steering assemblies, will stop functioning. So to avoid getting hauled by the tow truck, better install a new heavy-duty belt from Roulunds, an industry leader in a wide range of automotive v-belts and Multirib belts.

If you've driven with your current belt for approximately 150,000 miles, it's very likely that the belt's about to give way soon. As mentioned, squealing is the surest indication of the belt's advanced deterioration. But you can't replace your busted, old belt with just any replacement part. You need a heavy-duty belt from a trusted manufacturer like Roulunds. The company has gained tremendous popularity among motorists in the country for their v-belts and multirib belts or accessory drive belts that are of very high quality. These belts are manufactured using the latest technologies and their materials are rigorously tested in cutting-edge laboratories to ensure maximum durability.

As long as you have enough DIY background, you shouldn't have any trouble installing a Roulunds belt. To make sure your installation is correct though, you should refer to the vehicle's manual. The company builds belts according to strict OE specifications and industry standards, so their fit is always perfect. The difference in the performance of your car will be immediately noticeable after you've installed a new belt as proper timing will be restored. Owing to its premium materials and heavy-duty construction, the new belt should last the rest of your vehicle's service life.

Here at Parts Train, we've gathered a large collection of original Roulunds products for various vehicle makes and models. Our budget-friendly prices also allow you to save more on your replacement project. Don't wait 'til that squealing noise becomes a snapping sound 'cause at that point, you'll be in very big trouble. Correct your vehicle's timing as soon as possible by installing a new Roulunds drive belt.