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Turning the car key should switch on the engine-not the shaking. If your vehicle rattles every time you start it, there's a good chance its distributor is busted. When a distributor fails, it tends to spin erratically, causing problems in the engine's firing and timing. As you know, anything that causes trouble in the engine should be addressed immediately since repairing a heavily damaged engine costs a fortune. Good thing Richporter Technology has the perfect replacement distributor for you. With this heavy-duty distributor in your car, you'll be able to start the engine without any problem, as well as enhance the vehicle's overall performance.

The distributor is an extremely sensitive component of your vehicle, so it's wise to get a replacement part from a trusted manufacturer like Richporter Technology. The company has been manufacturing high-quality distributors for over 30 years. These high-quality ignition distributors come complete with rotors and caps to facilitate installation. But the company is not limited to distributors. It also manufactures heavy-duty camshaft position sensors, crank angle sensors, timing belt tensioners, ignition control modules and mass air flow sensors among many others.

There's no question as to the supreme quality of products by Richporter Technology. All its manufacturing facilities comply with Qs-9000, ISO-14001 and ISO-9001, so your safety as a consumer is ensured. The company manufactures components for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, ensuring that each component matches or exceeds OE specifications for maximum durability and performance. In fact, many drivers who've installed these parts believe they're way better than some of the flimsy OE components around. Finally, installing these parts is not a problem since they're virtually indistinguishable from their OE counterparts in terms of specs.

Here at Parts Train, we have an extensive collection of original Richporter Technology products. Check out our catalog and see for yourself how much you can save with our budget-friendly prices. It's high time you get rid of your vehicle's uncontrollable shaking for good. Don't risk ruining your engine by installing just any distributor, ignition coil or oxygen sensor. Go for something that's been proven time and again to churn out the finest results. Go for Richporter Technology.