Replacement Alloy Car Parts & Accessories

The rule with vehicles is pretty simple. Go light to go fast. If you're a racing enthusiast, you know this by heart, but the same rule applies even if you're just a regular street driver. So if your wheels' whopping weight weighs you down, you need to install lighter ones. To boost your speed on the road or on the racetrack, choose wheels from Replacement Alloy. The company is well-known for manufacturing and remanufacturing heavy-duty alloy wheels that'll allow your ride to run like the wind.

Why are alloy wheels so much better than heavier wheels made of metals like steel? Alloy wheels are typically made from aluminum alloy, although variants exist, such as magnesium alloy. The advantages of using alloy wheels from a reputed manufacturer like Replacement Alloy instead of steel ones are tremendous. With lighter wheels, you can accelerate faster, improve handling, increase fuel efficiency and even brake faster than with heavier wheels. Due to these benefits, racers and regular drivers usually go for alloy wheels. The only disadvantage of alloy wheels is when you're driving off-road. In this case, using heavier steel wheels is more advisable as steel tends to bend while alloy tends to brake when they fail.

Replacement Alloy wheels are available in various sizes, such as 16 x 7, 16 x 16.5 and 17 x 6.5.Unlike run-of-the-mill wheels, these alloy wheels are specially designed to look great while turning out the best performance. You can choose from a wide variety of styles with different numbers of spokes to get the right look for your vehicle. The wheels typically have special features such as charcoal vents and a machined face, so their quality is unquestionable. You can install them anywhere, whether on the driver side or passenger side, or just keep carry them as spares.

To find one of the largest selections of Replacement Alloy wheels in the industry, just check out our catalog here at Parts Train. Our light alloy wheels are also light to the budget, so you can save a lot. It's time to speed up by cutting back on your vehicle's weight. Install new alloy wheels as soon as possible and zoom to amazing speeds like never before.