Replacement Window Relay & Accessories

There are plenty of components in your car that is dependent on electricity to function properly. One of this is the power window. But the wirings of the power window are not directly connected to the battery. So how does the window of your car operate? Window operation is made possible by the use of a relay or switch that controls the transmittal of power from the battery to the window. It is pretty common for a relay to malfunction due to constant use. You do not have to worry because there are plenty of brands that you can use as an alternative, such as the Replacement window relay.

A window relay is an electromagnetic switch that works by balancing the performance of a low current and high current circuit. It opens to allow low current to pass and at the same time closes other high current capacity circuit. When you turn on the switch, there is enough power flow to operate the movement of your power windows. Relays are classified into two kinds – cutout relay and field relay. The former uses a generator to avoid having a battery discharged when the engine is not running. Meanwhile, the latter links the voltage windings and the alternator to the battery of your car. A Replacement window relay allows you full control of the power windows of your vehicle.

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