Replacement Timing Belt Cover & Accessories

Have you ever wondered how those Replacement timing belt covers work? But first of all, have you ever wondered what presides over the timed movement of the camshaft, valves, and the crankshaft so that it would go over its tasks evenly? Practically a lot of us would think everything is done by a very complicated machine. In actual fact, the harmonized movements of the camshaft, valves, and the crankshaft are being managed by a very ordinary and plain device, the timing belt.

The timing belt is also known in the industry as the timing chain or the cam belt. The timing belt is a rubber belt with teeth on it driven by the camshaft whose initial purpose is to handle the timing of the engine valves by matching up the revolution of the camshaft and the crankshaft. In a lot of contemporary rides, the timing belt carry out another purpose, and that is to drive the water pump. Because the timing of the valves' opening and closing is very essential for the vehicle's even operations, it is only expected that the timing belt has to be properly protected.

For the timing belt comes the timing belt cover. The timing belt cover is a lid composed of three metal plates. Without the timing belt cover, the belt might get wrecked so easily. Definitely, you wouldn't want this to happen, because if the belt gets wrecked, then the closing and the opening of the valves won't be timed correctly. In a worst case scenario, this might result into a valve being opened at the compression stroke of a piston, resulting into an undesired collision that can take effect into valve damage. This can lead into other internal engine damages as well.

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