Replacement Tailgate Hinge & Accessories

The tailgate hinge is a mechanical device that connects two solid articles, which allows rotation between them. The Replacement tailgate hinge is composed of moving components, and is regarded as an important component of the tailgate assembly simply because of its purposes, and in reality, no tailgate could not operate well without its presence. The tailgate is a hinged door or board fastened at the rear part of the truck and can be shifted up or down when loading or unloading cargo.

The tailgate is also known in car circles as the hatch or the tailboard. It can also be found positioned among hatchback vehicles. The tailgate assembly is composed of an inner or outer glass fiber composite panel bound as one, and comes together with a heated and durable window glass attached to its outer frontage. The striker pin can be found at each and every corner of the truck tailgate, and this engages with a spring laden latch plate with the help of a single-release cable operating on both of the latches.

One part of the tailgate is considered as the first panel. The assembly fastens the first panel at the truck bed by gliding it, and can be extended as the tailgate unlocks. The open end of the first panel is joined by a second panel. The same can be said for the third panel, which is then merged with the second panel's open part. A structure rotates the first panel on the gliding assembly. The first and second panels can then be positioned in plenty of angles at the released tailgate, which is then appropriate for lots of other functions.

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