Replacement Steering Wheel & Accessories

The Replacement steering wheel is a kind of steering control employed in a lot of contemporary automobiles, which includes all mass-production vehicles. The steering wheel is a part of the steering system that is controlled by the driver, while the rest of the steering system act in response to the steering wheel's movements. This can be achieved by means of mechanical contact in the rack and pinion steering, with the help of hydraulics in power steering. Majority of steering wheels are locked if the ignition key is taken out of the ignition lock to prevent vehicle theft.

Steering wheels for cars are basically circular in form, the wheel is fastened to the steering column by one or more spokes. Other kinds of rides might employ a butterfly shape, a circular design, or some other figure. In countries in which vehicles should drive on the road's left side, the steering wheel is typically placed on the right part of the vehicle, while the contrary is often used on countries where vehicles drive on the road's right side. Besides being employed for steering, the steering wheel is the customary site for a button to trigger the vehicle's horn.

In addition, plenty of contemporary vehicles might possess other controls like the audio system controls and the cruise control crafted into the steering wheel to dampen the coverage to which the driver should take his hands off the wheel. Air bags, employed to protect the driver during frontal crashes, is attached within a cover in the center of the steering wheel. Thereby, to hinder injury from the deployment of the airbag, the driver must not sit too close at it.

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