Replacement Shifter & Accessories

The Replacement shifter is a lever utilized to change the gears in an automobile. It is widely implemented amongst vehicles with manual transmission or several conventional types of automatic transmissions. It is also known among the car industry as the gear lever, selection lever, the gearstick, the gear shifter, and the shift stick. Naturally, the vehicle couldn't do much without the use of this tool. So much about the vehicle has been said without the mention of its shifters.

This mechanism is utilized to change the gears, hence when it comes to the manual transmission car, this will commonly be made while pressing the clutch pedal firmly with the left foot to disengage the engine from the wheels and the drive train. Among several traditional 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles, there is also the presence of a second gear lever which engages the low-ratio gear box, which is mainly used on tough territory. The gear knob can be usually seen at the end of the gear stick.

The gear knob typically comprises an outline of the gear selection system's shift pattern. In other words, these are the positions to which the gear stick must be moved whenever the driver selects a gear. The standard manual transmission ride, with its 5 forward gears, will include seven potential positions: the reverse gear, the 5 forward gears, and a main nonaligned position. Some cars even possess a special button to hinder the unintended engagement of reverse gears.

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