Replacement Pitman Arm & Accessories

Every car is equipped with a steering and suspension system which provides you with easy car handling and drivability. There are different types of steering and suspension that are employed in each vehicle model. If your ride has a parallelogram steering and conventional suspension, it is equipped with a pitman arm for better efficiency. A Replacement pitman arm is composed of a splined arm that is attached to the steering gear and it also has a seat and threaded bearing stud. The top portion of the stud is fixed to the center link of the steering linkage. In order to guard the bearing and seat from getting damaged by dirt particles, the bottom area of the stud is covered by a protective dust boot.

If you want to turn to a certain direction, you move the steering gear shaft of your car. As you move the gear shaft, the Replacement pitman arm that is connected to it acts as a knob which changes the torque generated by the steering wheel into mechanical energy. This energy is what initiates the movement of your vehicle's steering linkage. If you want to keep the pitman arm in top condition, you should always lubricate it during oil change. Together with other suspension parts of your car, a yearly checkup should be done with regards to wheel alignment. A broken pitman arm can cause uneven tire wear, erratic steering, and wandering of your ride as you accelerate on the road.

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