Replacement Pillar Panel & Accessories

The body structure of your car is divided into sections or panels that are all connected to each other to form a safe and secure ride. The job of these panels is to provide structural support and serve as attachment points for different car components. The frame openings on the side of your door are composed of a modular build design that is attached to your car as pre-assembled components which form one single unit. One of these components is the pillar panel. During collision, the pillar panel of your vehicle might get damaged, but there is no need to worry because there is the right Replacement pillar panel for your ride.

Replacement pillar panels are vertical structural body members that divide the windows and door of your vehicle. They are classified according to their location. The A-pillar is located at each side of the windshield and acts as roof structural support. B-pillars are found behind the front door, while the C-pillars are those that are installed behind the rear doors. Other car models with a longer body such as station wagons and limousines have D-pillar panels for more body support. A Replacement pillar panel is crafted from heavy-duty materials that are sturdy and durable to ensure that it will remain in place over the years. It comes with a pre-attached 3M adhesive tape for easy and convenient installation.

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