Replacement Pedal & Accessories

The first time that you get behind the wheels you will immediately notice the foot-operated levers that are placed below the steering wheel. These are called pedals. They are attached to a crank and partly responsible for powering and starting your ride. A vehicle with a manual transmission uses three pedals – the clutch pedal, brake pedal, and the accelerator. Automatic transmission cars use two pedals only, less the clutch pedal. Every time you engage any of these pedals, the rubber covers on the pedal tend to fade and after some time they could wear right through the covers. If you encounter this problem, get Replacement pedals to take their place.

You need both of your feet to properly operate the pedals on your car. If you have clutch pedal, you engage it with your left foot while the right foot is used to press down on the clutch and brake pedal. Brake pedals are wider and placed a little higher above the car floor for more contact compared to the other pedals. The accelerator or gas pedal manages the amount of air being supplied into the engine of your car. It is narrow and elevated closer to the floor to promote more resting area for the driver's heel. Some newer car models have an electronic throttle control system which provides greater safety than the standard mechanical throttle linkage. The Replacement pedal offers you more foot control and efficiency for miles and miles ahead.

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