Replacement Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

What are oxygen sensors? During the 1980s, the oxygen sensor became a vital part of a vehicle's emission control system. You are aware that a car attains maximum performance if there is the correct amount of fuel-air mixture during the engine's internal combustion process. But it also results in greater gas emission, which contributes greatly to environmental pollution. To counter this, a car is equipped with various emission controlling devices that make sure that no matter how powerful the engine gets, there is still control over the gas emission. The Replacement oxygen sensor is an excellent substitute if ever the stock O2 sensor in your car is broken.

An oxygen sensor is mounted on the exhaust pipe of your car. It sends information to the engine management computer regarding the quantity of fuel-air mixture inside the engine. It reads whether there is lean or rich fuel mixture. It is composed of a two-sided ceramic-like object that has an opening on each side to let the exhaust gas out. It contains a device that produces chemical reaction, which is important in creating the right electrical power that is used to determine the fuel-air mixture level. Oxygen sensors are divided into two kinds – single wire sensor and heated sensor. The latter is preferred because of its ability to generate a permanent heating amount which is important in order for the engine to operate to its full potential.

A Replacement oxygen sensor helps you achieve maximum engine performance and better fuel mileage. It is a perfect investment for every vehicle owner. You can order the right Replacement oxygen sensor for your car at Parts Train. You can also choose from other performance parts and accessories that are listed on our product catalogue. Visit our online shop for your order placements or call our toll-free phone line. Enjoy the best deals in OEM replacement and aftermarket car parts at Parts Train!