Replacement Intake Manifold & Accessories

Your car is equipped with different systems that allow you to attain maximum vehicle performance. Perhaps one of the most important and complex among these systems is the engine system. It takes on the biggest responsibility of making the car run. It uses the correct amount of fuel-air mixture to efficiently carry out its task. It is composed of various components that function together to achieve the proper engine performance. One of these parts is the intake manifold. When it becomes damaged, you need to find a replacement that will provide you the same quality and even more superiority than the stock manifold. You can achieve this with the help of the Replacement intake manifold.

A Replacement intake manifold is composed of a system of passages that allows the flow of the fuel-air mixture starting from the carburetor and straight to the engine's intake valves. It creates an even distribution of fuel which results in smoother engine performance. This intake manifold promotes equal strength and quality of the fuel charge that enters each of the cylinders. It is crafted to store some amount of fuel in the cylinder walls and manifold vents so as not to cut back on the engine power when the temperature gets high. Extreme heat can produce dry fuel vapor and reduce the performance of the engine. It comes with the gasket set and accessories that are needed for installation.

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