Replacement Ignition Tune-Up Kit & Accessories

Efficient car performance starts with the ignition system of your car. Every time you sat behind the wheel and you turn on the ignition, you start a series of operation that powers your ride. Constant use can wear the different parts of the ignition system and cause problems such as sloppy timing, poor current flow, engine knock or detonation, broken timing belt, and bouncing during high RPM. All of these can occur at the most inconvenient time and cause you stress and headache. A real test of patience is when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and your car won't start because of busted spark plugs. This is where the Replacement ignition tune-up kit comes in handy.

The Replacement ignition tune-up kit has everything you need for a complete make-over of your car's ignition system. It consists of a new set of distributor cap and rotor, condenser, points, spark plugs, and wire set. The wire set boosts of a low-resistant core that does not heat up easily while the distributor cap and rotor are made from impact-resistant materials. You can achieve higher burn efficiency for maximum engine performance while creating lower emission with the spark plugs that come with this kit. A yearly tune-up with the help of a Replacement ignition tune-kit can certainly give you a high-quality ride that is environment-friendly as well.

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