Replacement Idler Arm & Accessories

The suspension and steering system of your car is highly responsible in providing you with a comfortable ride. They also provide for better contact with the road and smooth transition on tight corners. It is hard to imagine how your car will function without them. No matter how powerful your engine is, it will not matter if your vehicle is buckling like crazy on the highway. One of the important parts of a conventional parallelogram steering is the idler arm. It provides the needed pivoting support for the steering linkage of your car. If you have a damaged idler arm, a good substitute is to use a Replacement idler arm.

An idler arm is composed of a pivoting rod that is connected to the vehicle frame on one end and sustains the ball joint on the other. It is placed on the opposite side of the center link away from the pitman arm. The idler arm is used to maintain the right height of the vehicle frame which holds the center link. Compared to pitman arm, it is more prone to wear because of its constant pivot movement. An idler arms follows the same movement of the pitman arm in order to keep the tires moving freely. The Replacement idler arm provides stability and better handling than other brands. Replacement is one of the leading manufacturers of various performance parts and accessories for different models of vehicles.

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