Replacement Hood Lift & Accessories

The hood of your car has a very important responsibility of guarding the engine compartment and preventing various road particles and debris from getting inside. It is also your access to the different car parts if you need to do some repair or maintenance. Because of its location on the front part of the vehicle, it is also one of the easily damaged auto components. Strong impacts can break some of the hood parts such as the hood lift and cause you great inconvenience if you need to look inside the engine. The Replacement hood lift provides you with the same quality as the original or even better.

If you are trying to dig into the various engine parts in the compartment you need to keep the hood in a steady upright position. You need both of your hands to do your activity and does not need to be bothered by being bonked on the head by the metal hood frame. The Replacement hood lift allows you to do this with the added bonus of applying the correct strut pressure. You can choose whatever hood height that you want without fear of having a fractured skull due to accidental slamming. Closing the hood is relatively gentle and easy with the Replacement hood lift. It can be installed easily over the stock hood lift of your car.

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