Replacement Hood Hinge & Accessories

Did you ever experience being bonked on the head by the hood because the hood hinge has malfunctioned? If you do not have this encounter yet, then consider yourself lucky. It might sound funny, but it does really happen and all because you neglect the small hinge in your car. You can avoid this by using a Replacement hood hinge over the existing hinge of your vehicle. You will be spending a lot of time under the hood repairing or checking various engine parts. You need a hood that will hold up for the entire duration that you spend underneath it.

The Replacement hood hinge provides sturdy support that lets you open or close the hood without any trouble. It is available in black or chrome finish to complement the style of your car. This small component is usually neglected because of its mundane task. Of course, it won't be fair to compare it with the function of a radiator or a catalytic converter. But still you need to keep an eye on it because no matter how simple its job is, it is still part of your vehicle. A broken hood hinge can create rattling sounds, or a buckled hood. The worst thing that could happen is a dislodged hood that can fly by and cause major road catastrophe. Replacement hood hinge fits perfectly over the stock hinge in your car. It can also be easily screwed in place.

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