Replacement Hood & Accessories

You might think of the hood of your car as just another ordinary piece of metal that gives you access to the entire engine system underneath it. But do you know that it also has functional uses aside from being just a decorative element? The inner panel of the hood serves as a structural support by means of the crisscross braces under which makes it more rigid and sturdy. Meanwhile, the outer panel protects the engine and other car parts from weather elements and foreign materials that can damage them. That being said, a damaged hood needs to be changed immediately. What better substitute to use than a Replacement hood.

Replacement hoods are specially designed to fit the contour of the specific vehicle make and model that they are manufactured for. You can choose for the right hood design to fit your preference. For trucks and SUVs, there are hoods with hood scoops that allow free intake and outtake of air in the engine. You can also fit the hood with special accessories that will booster the appearance and performance of your ride. A Replacement hood gives you the best upgrade of the damaged or rusty stock part of your car. Installation is a breeze because it comes with the proper cutouts and mounting holes that can be installed using the original hardware. This hood will surely give your ride an enhanced look and more integrity than before.

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