Replacement Headlight Adjust Screw & Accessories

You have a nice time cruising down the countryside enjoying the wonderful view of nature. Afterwards you realize that the sun is slowly setting down and you have to head home in your car. But as it gets darker you begin to notice that your headlights are somewhat off and not giving the correct lighting angle as the previous occasion that you used them. It might be time to look into your headlight adjust screw. If you think that you need an alternative, the Replacement headlight adjust screw might do the trick. Replacement is one of the acknowledged makers of a wide selection of auto performance parts and accessories that will improve the performance and style of your ride.

Replacement headlight adjust screws are vertical and horizontal adjusting screws that has tiny springs at their back and located next to the headlight. Car mechanics use an extremely precise headlight adjuster to maintain the correct position of the headlight beam but you can also do this at your home. All you need to do is direct your headlights on a dark wall to see the correct angle. You can move the headlight adjust screws with a Phillips screwdriver and turn it until you achieve the right position. The correct beam angle is important because too high beam can blind incoming cars while too low beam can cause problems for the driver himself.

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