Replacement Header Panel & Accessories

The header panel of your car is not really given much attention, unless you get a fender bender and requires its replacement. It does not require customization because the header panel has to conform to OEM standards. Unlike other car parts that allow you to upgrade the look of your car or maximize its performance, a header panel does not really have any effect. But in case you need to buy a substitute for the damaged panel, try using the Replacement header panel for a change. Replacement products are manufactured from high-quality materials and first-class craftsmanship that make them sturdy and durable.

The Replacement header panel is designed to conform to strict quality standards. Each of the panel is specifically designed to fit the specifications of different vehicle make and models. The grille assembly and the headlights are attached to the panel on the front most portion of the car. During collision, the panel can be damaged and displace the grille and the headlights. Replacement offers a precise panel fit which does not move in place or falls off. It can be bolted directly over the car and can be painted to any color that you desire. Avoid having to go to different car shops just to find the perfect header panel for your ride. Online shopping is much easier.

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