Replacement Fire Wall & Accessories

When it comes to automotive brands, one name that stands out is Replacement. This can be attributed to their long list of products that ranges from power performance parts to stylish car accessories. One of the premium items on their list is the Replacement fire wall. What is a fire wall? In car terms, it is the thick metal barrier that separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment. How important is it to equip your ride with a heavy-duty fire wall such as Replacement? During internal combustion process, a large level of heat and burnt particles are generated inside the engine compartment. These elements are prevented from causing damage to the interior parts and the passengers by means of the fire wall.

The Replacement fire wall creates a perfect block against the flaming engine which can melt integral parts of the car interior such as the electrical system, dashboard, plastic elements, and upholstery. It is equipped with a wiring gutter for easy connection between different components of the vehicle. The area between the engine and the passenger must be sealed tightly to avoid considerable damage and inconvenience. Replacement fire walls are crafted from sturdy and top quality materials to ensure their efficiency and durability. With such an important role, the fire wall must not be neglected and should be checked regularly for cracks or holes.

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