Replacement Expansion Tank & Accessories

The cooling system of your car is very important in maintaining the power and efficiency of your engine. Heat build-up during the internal combustion process can cause the engine of your vehicle to overheat. It is one of the most common car problems and no one is spared from it. The radiator, hoses, cooling fan, and expansion tank is just some of the important parts of the cooling system. The expansion tank is used to store the coolant that circulates to different engine parts in order to cool the air that flows around it. Using a substitute such as the Replacement expansion tank will boost the ability of your car's cooling system.

An expansion tank is a container that is attached to the radiator by means of an overflow tube. During engine operation, the coolant tends to expand due to heat and the expansion or overflow tank is used to store the overflowing compound. Without it, the expanded coolant will spill out of the overflow tube and out into the road. As the temperature in the engine drops down, a vacuum is created which pulls back some of the coolant from the expansion tube into the system. A vehicle that is equipped with an expansion tank has a closed cooling system. So instead of the coolant flowing out of the car, it circulates again as it expands and contracts. The expansion tank prevents the occurrence of air bubbles which lowers the heat absorption ability of the coolant.

The Replacement expansion tank keeps the radiator of your car full with cooling liquid even as the quantity of coolant in the tank rises and falls. This product enables your car to attain ultimate power without causing damage to vital engine parts. Order the right Replacement expansion tank for your ride's cooling system at Parts Train. Enjoy our broad selection of quality and premium items that will surely enhance the performance of your car. Parts Train will provide you with a convenient and relaxing shopping experience.