Replacement Drop Shock & Accessories

Suspension upgrades are very popular these days. A lowered truck is commonly preferred and popular among truck owners. But before you start with the whole process, you must keep in mind that you will have to replace various suspension components to adapt to the change in vehicle height. If you do not equip your truck with the proper suspension component, the ride quality will suffer. If you plan to have a lowered ride, the first thing that you have to change is the shocks. You need to have shorter shocks because the stock shocks will be too long and will bottom out if you still use them. In this case, a Replacement drop shock is what you need.

Replacement drop shocks are intended for use in lowered SUVs and trucks. They are crafted from the finest materials and consist of a twin tube, chrome hardened piston rods, carbon stamped nylon branded pistons, and lower and upper bushings made of urethane. The result is a smooth ride with better handling capabilities even on worse road conditions. By using a Replacement drop shock you preserve the life of other suspension parts in your vehicle. Check for specifications before you install a new drop shock in your truck. Mounting a drop shock is only the first step in achieving a lowered ride that offers quality and comfort.

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