Replacement Drip Rail & Accessories

If you are to count all the components and parts of your car, it will probably take a long time for you to figure it out. The bigger ones are not hard to miss, it is the smaller items that are a lot harder to locate and place. One example of this is the drip rail. Come to think of it not many people are aware of the drip rail because most modern vehicles don't use it anymore. Some examples of old vehicle models that use this are the Ford Mustang and the Camaro. Restoration projects on these types of cars will need the Replacement drip rail to bring them back their original beauty.

So what exactly is a drip rail? The drip rail is installed on the roof panel edges of the door to prevent water from entering the interior compartment of the car. It is similar to the rain gutters of your house that transports water away from the delicate areas of your home. If you do not have a drip rail and a sudden rain downpour occurs, the water will drip inside the car when you start to open the window. It is also a simple way of hiding the weld connections during car assembly. Through the years car manufacturers has started to streamline the design of their vehicles and got rid of the drip rails. Only a handful of van can be seen using them aside from the older cars.

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