Replacement Door Bumper & Accessories

The doors of your car are one of the most abused parts due to their constant use. It is hard to keep track of how many times you open and close the car doors in a single day. Sometimes you tend to be careless and bang the door to walls or other road objects as you open it. It causes dents and scratches to the body paint or worse, to the metal structure of your vehicle. No matter how careful you try to be, there will always be instances where you will encounter accidents and minimal contacts. So why burden yourself with having to watch your every move when you open the door, there is the Replacement door bumper to help you with this problem.

Some people mistook door bumpers as body side molding. The door bumper is mounted on the vertical edge of the door to prevent scrapes and deformations when you open it. Meanwhile the body side molding is an original car part that is fixed on the horizontal portion of the door to guard it from contact of other cars opening their doors. The Replacement door bumper can be easily placed starting on the door handle down to the bottom part where most contacts take place. It is available in different varieties to cater to each type of vehicle make and model. Others also think of it as stylish car add-ons because it is available in stylish colors as well.

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