Replacement Distributor & Accessories

It is common knowledge that a vehicle is composed of different car parts that enables it to run smoothly and without any trouble. One of these parts is the ignition system. It is responsible for sparking the perfect fuel timing in order to attain the right amount of power that is needed to start the engine. It is composed of three important parts – the spark plug, the coil, and the distributor. If any of these parts get damaged, Replacement is the right choice for you, such as the Replacement distributor. This brand is responsible of manufacturing a long list of superior performance parts and accessories for automobiles. They have built a good reputation when it comes to their excellent products and superb craftsmanship.

The Replacement distributor is perfect for your ride, whether you use it mainly for daily driving or for high-speed racing. It consists of a rotating arm that is housed in the distributor cap, and a cam inside the distributor shaft. It also contains the vacuum advance unit and the centrifugal unit. The job of the distributor is to makes sure that all the processes that are simultaneously taking place in the ignition system are properly timed. It has a built-in oil port to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. It employs an advance built-in centrifugal that only needs an external 12 volt or 6 volt coil for efficient performance.

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