Replacement Discharge Hose & Accessories

You have to admit that the air-conditioning system of your car is one of the things that make a long commute bearable. A broken AC system can do a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. If the sun is up you can open the windows to let the air in but you have to cope with the wind and dirt particles getting inside your car. If there is heavy rain downpour you cannot open the windows because the water will damage important car interiors and elements. One common problem of a vehicle's AC system is a broken discharge hose. But no need to worry, you can easily remedy it with the Replacement discharge hose.

A discharge hose is one of the three major refrigerant routing hoses of the AC system and is located at the high-pressure side. The Replacement discharge hose is an excellent carrier of refrigerants from the compressor to the condenser where the gases will be cooled. This product can withstand high temperature brought about by the operation of the AC unit. This barrier-type hose is crafted from heavy-duty materials that lessen the penetration of the refrigerants into the atmosphere.

How do you know if it is time to replace your discharge hose? If the hose encounters a refrigerant leak on the edge of the crimp sleeves then it is time to look for a substitute. The crimp sleeve is the metal tube or fitting where the hose is connected. So if you do not want to experience how it feels to bake inside a hot oven, change your damaged discharge hose with a Replacement discharge hose. You can order it at Parts Train – one of the trusted names in online auto parts distribution. You can visit our web site anytime you like to see our product catalogue. You can also ask for assistance from our customer service representatives on our toll-free hotline. Come to Parts Train and avail of our exciting offers.