Replacement Cowl Top Panel & Accessories

The cowl is the front section of the vehicle body that supports the back end of the hood and the windshield. Aside from that it also serves as a covering for the instrument panel and the pedals of the car. Car engineers and designers identified the cowl top area as one of the major source of noise during acceleration. If you experience a creaking sound when you drive your car on rough roads, bumps, or during quick turns, chances are the noise is coming from the right hand side of your vehicle's instrument panel area. This is caused by the friction between the cowl top panel and the cowl reinforcement panel. As time goes by, one of this part could be damaged and needs to be replaced. Try using a Replacement cowl top panel and see the difference against the stock part.

There are so many manufacturers of performance parts and accessories, but one name that stands out is Replacement. They are strongly committed in making your ride safe, efficient, and durable for miles and miles ahead. Each Replacement product, including the Replacement cowl top panel are crafted from heavy-duty materials and engineered to perfection to achieve the best possible results. A Replacement cowl top panel can withstand strong impacts and highly resistant to corrosion.

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