Replacement Cornering Light & Accessories

The Replacement Cornering Light lets drivers and pedestrians know that you're either about to turn a corner or about to change lanes. This allows them to make the necessary adjustments to either let you through or to move away from you. The cornering light can be seen at the corners of your car, both at the front and back. This lighting component can be easily activated using the turn signal switch found near your steering wheel. Once it's turned on, it's able to signal your intentions to other motorists by blinking. What makes this lighting component useful is that it's able to help you navigate better on the road. Not only that, this product also prevents you from running into another car or a pedestrian while making a turn or changing lanes. Because this part is used particularly at night, it needs to be seen clearly by motorists. To pull that off, each Replacement Cornering Light comes in amber or red color. Aside from its position in your car, this color helps the product stand out at night when activated. And to prevent its interior parts like the bulb from getting damaged by road debris, this cornering light is protected by a plastic housing. Lastly, this product is made to match the specs of your factory-installed cornering lights. So you're assured of getting a product that's compatible with your ride.