Replacement Bumper Towing Eye & Accessories

If you are driving a SUV or a luxury sedan, don't be surprise if you see a square portal or opening at the center of the bumper. This is called the bumper towing eye. The opening provides an easy access where you can mount the tow hook into your car. Gone are the days when vehicles are classified into groups and designed solely to offer one function. Today, utility and functionality is not only meant for large vehicles such as pick-ups and trucks. With the Replacement bumper towing eye, even your trusty sedan can double as an efficient hauling machine.

Reliability and durability are big factors in the manufacturing of each Replacement bumper towing eyes. They are crafted from heavy-duty plastic materials to provide maximum protection against impacts. It is no secret that the bumper, whether it is the front or rear, is the prime contact point during fender benders and collisions. You can add a bumper towing eye cover if you no longer want to use the tow hook. There are various styles of bumper towing eyes that are specifically designed for each vehicle. Some designs come with a tow bracket, cover, and flap for easy installation process.

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