Replacement Bumper Reinforcement & Accessories

Bumpers are specifically mounted on the front end or rear end of your car to provide protection during low-speed contacts. They are engineered to guard other parts of your vehicle from sustaining dents and blows during collision. Aside from that they also minimize the amount of impact that the passengers sustain. Bumpers were originally made of heavy-duty metals that provide durable protection. But the advancement in technology opened the door for the creation of lightweight bumpers made of plastic. Although they are lighter, they do not offer the same protection as metal bumpers. For this reason you need a Replacement bumper reinforcement to keep the bumper of your ride in top condition.

Bumper reinforcement is also called a bumper bar and it is mounted at the back of the energy absorber. It is commonly made from steel, composite material, aluminum, or plastic. Steel is considered to be the most durable among the four elements. Replacement bumper reinforcements are manufactured from high-quality materials that make them highly-resistant to strong blows and harmful weather elements. The use of bumper reinforcement varies for certain vehicle models. For cars with bumper covers, the reinforcement is located in the area between the cover and the brackets. Those vehicles that do not have bumper covers place the bumper reinforcement on the face of the mechanical energy absorber.

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