Replacement BedSide Molding & Accessories

The truck bed is an important component of every pick-up vehicle. It is the area or compartment attached to the cab of your truck and is used as designated spot for all the heavy loads and cargoes that you are hauling around. There are different bed styles employed by trucks to adapt to the function and common usage of the vehicle. If you use your pick-up to carry heavy and bulky items then the flatbed style is right for you. But most trucks have a conventional bed with a rigid side covering called the bedside. You can make your vehicle more attractive and stylish by installing a Replacement bedside molding.

Bedside moldings are decorative plastic or metal pieces that are installed along the length of the bedside to improve the side profile of your truck bed. There is a wide selection of Replacement bedside moldings that you can equip your vehicle with. You can choose from different colors that will match the paint of your truck. But moldings are not just stylish add-ons, they also protect the body panels of your ride from unwanted dings and scratches brought about by various road debris. The Replacement bedside molding is crafted from heavy-duty materials that are durable and superior even for long periods of usage.

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