Replacement BedSide & Accessories

Pick-up trucks are utility vehicles that are used to carry and transport heavy loads and baggage. There are many types of full-size pick-up trucks with different bed styles and configurations. The bed is the floor of the truck attached to the cab and it is the area where you put all your cargoes. Some pick-ups are equipped with a flatbed, which is open on both sides and can carry heavier and bulkier items. Popular truck models have elevated side covers called bedsides. Because the bedside is exposed to daily weather elements, the occurrence of rust and dents are pretty common. A Replacement bedside can make your truck look like new again.

Replacement bedsides are manufactured from quality and superior materials which offer great rigidity and structural capability. The bedside consist of an inside panel, outside panel, wheelhouse, and sometimes fuel doors. It is used as a substitute for the damaged top to bottom or front to back bed panels in your truck. A Replacement bedside is the perfect addition to other replacement parts especially if you are doing a truck restoration project. The Replacement bedside will fit older models as well as some new ones. It is available in different colors to match the body paint of your vehicle. There are plenty of bedside designs that are available for each type of pick-up. Replacement is one of the popular brands of auto performance parts and accessories for your ride.

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