Replacement Air Cleaner Assembly & Accessories

The engine system of your vehicle is an important part that needs regular maintenance and repair. In order to achieve maximum engine performance, you need to gain the correct fuel-air ratio during the combustion process. This is vital if you want to increase the torque and horsepower of your ride. The air that enters the engine must be clean and free of harmful gases that could affect the entire ignition process. To achieve this you need an excellent performing air cleaner, such as the Replacement air cleaner assembly. This is a perfect alternative if the stock air cleaner of your vehicle is broken, damaged, or already missing some parts. Replacement has a long list of performance parts and accessories for different vehicle make and model.

The air cleaner assembly is an elongated casing that has a pair of main inlet ports and several other components as well. It greatly helps in achieving the right crankcase ventilation to achieve a clean air emission. It is connected to the crankcase by means of a hose that transports oil fumes to the carburetor for incineration. Blow of gases and air enter the cleaner through a breather that was placed on the top portion of the oil filler. With the Replacement air cleaner assembly you get a more substantial fuel-air mixture that increases the power output of your car. It is a perfect fit to the specifications of your vehicle and performs as efficiently as the original. To assure its durability, it undergoes strict product testing and quality control in order to provide you with the best service possible.

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