Replacement AT Speed Sensor & Accessories

It is common practice for sensitive car drivers to regularly check the speedometer of their cars to know how fast they are going. The speed of your vehicle is monitored by the speed sensor which sends the recorded speed data to the engine management unit. There are many ways to install a speed sensor. One place to mount it is in the transmission of your car. The Replacement AT speed sensor is the perfect supplement for vehicles that use the four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. It gives you great consciousness when it comes to controlling the car's acceleration and prevents damage to other vital engine parts.

A Replacement AC speed sensor easily mounts on the transmission and contains proper connections. Before you install a new speed sensor you have to check the car's specifications because some models use multiple sensors to observe better transmission and wheel slippage. It tells how fast or how slow the car is traveling. Speed sensors are important car parts that promote safety and security. Road accidents are commonly cause by over speeding and this is also the reason why authorities impose strict regulations regarding speed control. The Replacement AC speed sensor will enable you to control your driving rage and you avoid getting a speed ticket along the way.

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