Replacement AC Speed Sensor & Accessories

Over speeding is one of the major causes of road accidents in the United States. It is so easy to lose control of the car if you are traveling over speed limits on an open highway. This is the reason why your vehicle is equipped with an AC speed sensor. Being able to control the acceleration of your ride also brings an orderly relation between the power train and the drive train parts. Going at full speed puts a great strain on some parts of the car and cause them to break during full operation. The Replacement AC speed sensor offers the same efficiency as the original speed sensor of your car.

Replacement AC speed sensors are electronic devices that measure the speed rate of automobiles. A car can be equipped with the engine speed sensor and the wheel speed sensor. The former is placed on the engine crankshaft and determines the speed of the crankshaft's rotation. The sensor then sends the speed rate to the engine management computer which modifies the engine performance to properly adapt to the current speed measurement. Meanwhile, the wheel sensor is fixed on the axle of the wheels and measures the pace of each wheel rotation. An ABS computer reads the summary of the wheel sensor and controls the system. Whatever type of vehicle you are driving; there is the perfect Replacement speed sensor for you.

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