Reese Hitch Brake Control Adapters & Accessories

The braking system is the most crucial system in your vehicle. The result would be disastrous once you got failing brakes. Brakes are energy conversion mechanisms, which transform the kinetic energy of your automobile into heat. As one steps on the brakes, you order a braking force that is ten times more powerful as the force that puts the vehicle in movement. The braking system can put forth as much as 1,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure in the brakes. Among modern systems, the master cylinder is individually aided with power to activate the front and rear brakes. If in case one of the set fails, then the other can still give off capable braking power. A lot of such safety units inside the braking system make the contemporary brakes very intricate but a lot safer than those braking systems from the past.

In almost all braking units, the brake pedal is connected to a master cylinder by means of a push rod. The master cylinder in turn is linked to the brake cylinders at each and every wheel by steel brake lines and elastic rubber hoses. There is the presence of the brake control adapter too, like the Reese hitch brake control adapter. The whole hydraulic system is packed to the gills with a particular brake fluid, which is force throughout the unit by movements of the master cylinder pistons. The front disc brakes employ the use of friction pads like the brake pads which are attached to the brake calipers. The pads are then forced against the brake rotors. The rear brakes, on the other hand are forced against the rotating drum's machined surface.

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