Ready Rad Car Parts & Accessories

There's a fine line separating a broken radiator from an irreparably damaged engine. Since the coolant can't circulate through your system property, your engine is more prone to overheat. Regular overheating is almost sure to turn your engine into a chunk of scrap metal. If you don't want to spend a fortune for a complete engine rebuild, you must replace your busted radiator immediately. Fortunately, there's an awesome replacement radiator out there that's bound to introduce radical enhancements in your car's performance. That radiator is Ready Rad.

The problem with stock radiators is that many of them aren't made of the best materials. They succumb to wear and tear in a relatively short period of time. Their designs may also allow early clogging that result in all sorts of problems, including overheating, gasket failure, leaks, water pump malfunction and interior overheating. Ready Rad radiators are vastly different from these stock components as they're specifically designed to meet or exceed OE specs. They're made from premium-grade materials that can withstand the elements for a long time. In fact, their plastic tanks can withstand 150,000 pressure cycles without any warping, twisting or warping.

Installing a Ready Rad product is so easy, you virtually only have to drop it in to get it working. You never have to worry about the security of the installation as each product typically comes with clips, brackets, cooler fittings and other pieces of mounting hardware for that super secure hold. All these products are manufactured in ISO-certified plants located in North America, so their quality is simply impeccable. These radiators are rigorously tested employing strict OE standards such as vibration, wind tunnel and pressure cycle. What's more, these heavy-duty radiators are made of glass-reinforced nylon 66 material for supreme tensile strength that's extremely useful at critical driving conditions and operating temperatures.

Waste no time replacing your busted radiator. Check out our wide selection of Ready Rad products right now here at Parts Train. Remember that your engine's condition is on the line, so don't beat around the bush when you have a broken radiator. The next time your car overheats, bad luck may strike and your investment may turn to smoke. So plan that radiator replacement right now to realize radical improvements in your vehicle's performance as soon as possible.