Ranco Car Parts & Accessories

If you were to eliminate all but one of these from your car-the pneumatic suspension system, on-board entertainment system, and climate control system-which would you choose to keep? Would it be the first that lets you adjust your vehicle's suspension automatically? Would it be your stereo and CD player assembly? Or would it be your heater and air conditioning systems? Well, if you're practical, you would choose the last. And if you're wise, you'd make it Ranco.

You just have to think winter and summer. Would you survive driving out in the cold without a heater in your car? No, don't even think about putting on layers and layers of winter clothes, unless you really like to know how it feels like to drive in a full-body cast. As for summer, well, you can of course roll your windows down-to have your hair blown in a wild arrangement and your face blasted by heat waves and tailpipe smoke during traffic. Simply put, you NEED the climate control system in your car. But why do we mention Ranco, you ask?

You've probably heard this brand before and you might have been surprised that you found it here in an auto parts store. That's because Ranco's also into the production of electromechanical controls for other commercial industries such as food service equipment and home appliances manufacturing. Now, if this is the first time you're hearing about this brand, well you can forget about your doubts and worries. That's because if we were to draw up a list of the most trustworthy brands in the aftermarket industry, Ranco would definitely be among the first.

See, Ranco is a subsidiary of Invensys Controls, a company that has been engineering and developing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for non-commercial and automotive markets since the early 1900s. Its products include, among others, thermostats, pressure controls, temperature sensors, defrost timers, humidistats, ice equipment controls, and reversing valves. It prides itself on providing remote diagnostics, innovative solutions, and excellence in product research and design. What's more, it does all that with environmental and social responsibility in mind. So if you need anything for your car's AC and heater, don't look far anymore because we got you covered with Ranco.