Rancho Torsion Bar & Accessories

What is a torsion bar? It is a part of the suspension system whose function is to secure the height of the car and as a stabilizer. One end of the torsion bar is connected to the control arm while the other end is attached to the frame of the vehicle. The end of the control arm has a pivot connection that permits bar movement with every impact on the road. No matter how durable the stock torsion bar of your car is, chances are it will eventually loose its efficiency. It can start to sag and when not properly taken care of, can cause you to loose control of the steering wheel. The Rancho torsion bar is a great replacement for the worn torsion bar in your car.

The Rancho torsion bar gives you the same strength, hold, and control of a brand new suspension. It is crafted to be durable than most bars, and can be adjusted to achieve the proper suspension lift and height of the vehicle. It has an adjuster bolt that can provide you with the same lift adjustment like a brand new leaf spring, coil spring, or suspension block. All Rancho products, including the torsion bar, are engineered to give first-rate performance that is brought about by the superior material components and superb craftsmanship.

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